Tuesday, December 30, 2008


well well well 2008 is over...and what a year. def was one of my fav, years so far alone

with 2001,and 2006. deff was a great year for me, i got to meet alotta new people made

more money,got smarter, might of lost a few friends (r.i.p) and i might of stop talking to

ALOT of people but life goes on. i learned sooooo muchhh about life people money and

business. my Kicks For kids got so much more hype than i ever thought it would be and

more coming in 09' from the company,and thanks to all those who helped out and those

who showed love in buying and telling a friend or even adding the page.

my FAM-LAY getting it popping, my boys getting it popping, but for those friends well

"people" i dont bang with anymore sorry we growing up.

but im happy for the new year and so much new things coming from me and Kicks For

kids, more money to make more people to meet.

and for 09' i been ready :)

and to all the people i bang with ill see you people next year


P.s NEW Kicks For kids clothing early Jan.09'