Thursday, September 18, 2008

AKstar clothing release

Well well well... to start off im glad/proud/hype/ect. I been wating for so long for this to come out the new line from AKstar,
i must say im proud to see this come about, this mans been working so hard and ploting on this moment for a while now and starting 9/11/08 he said the world would be a diff place after this, guess the lil mofo wasnt lying selling out in less than a week after its sept.11th. release. people all over the world and yes i mean "world" has picked one of these bad boys up.
glad to say i got mine, the tees are only $30. bucks could be found on the FHM blog site or the myspace, also check out FHM tv on youtube for great classic/funny/real life videos.
now lets wait for the next release. i got a sneak peak :X




LaVell.w in AKstar...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fixed gear bike ( steps 1 & 2 )

Ahhh, back again with another little project im working on nothing to big just for FUN!!! :)
about a few weeks ago picked me up a Vintage 10speed road bike,which im in the mist of converting into a fixed gear bike.
so far this is taking alotta time and hard cash to get going how i want to and im still not done yet :-/ but im loving how its coming out as of now... check those pics below and see the start of it all just not done yet the end work will be greatt, also check out the little vid. i found on got me in the mood to ride


Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Sorry for not having any NEW post up... Been really realy sickkk, and working on the NEW CLOTHING coming out this late summer/fall ;)